MYSL Recreational Program

Recreational soccer is first and foremost about having fun while learning the game. We do our best to insure that our volunteer coaches execute these philosophies to the best of their capabilities. If you are looking for a more competitive atmosphere, please check out our club level program Murrieta Surf Soccer Club.

One of the many objectives of our recreational program is to provide fair and balanced teams. In order to achieve these objectives, there are certain protocols we adhere to which are as follows:

Each division has a maximum of three players (a number determined by CYSA regulations) that may be drafted, or selected by a coach, to any one team. If a coach should decide to "freeze" a player in the draft for their team, a parent signature is required. The rest of the team is decided in a blind draft, or a draft in which players, and their skill level, are not known to the coaches. A blind draft is done to help ensure evenly balanced teams in regards to seasons played. If it is known that a player has been on a club or All Stars team they are placed in a separate category and evenly distributed amongst the Draft pool. While evenly balanced teams are the goal, it is virtually impossible to form perfectly even teams. Skill level is only assessed when players try out at our club level program, Murrieta Surf, and for post recreation season all star tournaments in which nominated players try-out for their respective teams. 

During the Fall and Spring seasons under 5 and under 6 players (refer to age chart/matrix) are allowed 1 buddy request; the request must be written on the player application form (e.g. Buddy-Jack Jones) at the time the registration is turned in to the league and must be by mutual consent of both player's parents.   There are a couple of exceptions to the buddy request rule, players who are a coach's freeze and wait listed players are not allowed buddy requests, and even though the league will make every attempt to honor buddy requests from under 5 & 6 players there's no guarantee that the request will be granted. No other requests will be honored.

At the time of registration, you may request for your child to be placed in a division one level higher than their current qualifying division on the approval of the Registrar. At no time, however, may a player play in a division less than their qualifying age division. (Please see the Age Matrix to verify your child's qualifying age division.) If you are unsure if your child should move up a division, any board member would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Once registration ends, and teams are formed, players may not change teams. This is logistically impractical due to the impact the change has not only on the player in question, and the team but also the other players that would need to also be changed to accommodate the original player's request.


We hope this information is helpful, and we welcome any and all questions you may have.